Baptism & Confirmation

As a United Methodist Church, the Nett Church upholds the significance of Confirmation and Baptism for our children and youth. We believe that Confirmation and Baptism serve as transformative milestones in their spiritual journeys. Both Confirmation and Baptism play vital roles in nurturing the faith and spiritual growth of our children and youth, fostering their connection with God and the church family.


Confirmation at the Nett Church is an incredible milestone in the life of a teen. We affirm and celebrate their choice to follow Jesus as they become a professing member of The United Methodist Church. We offer confirmation classes culminating in a confirmation retreat.


As a United Methodist Church, the Nett Church teaches that baptism initiates people into the faith community and into a covenant relationship with God and God's people. We believe that Baptism is a transformative experience where individuals are born anew through the free gift of God’s grace, finding a place within the loving embrace of the Church family. It is a sacred moment where a covenant is enacted, and promises are made, marking the beginning of a lifelong spiritual journey.