Connect with your neighbors and make an impact in the community!

Volunteer with our Nett Church Ministry teams
The Nett Church offers various programs with children, youth, young adults, and adults, as well as involvement in various projects with the community. The Nett Church follows a strict policy to reduce the risk of abuse by following practical procedures of prevention. To read more about this policy, click here. To volunteer in any church activities, send an email to

Nettwork Campus Computer Lab (The Nettwork Campus)
A computer lab with 5 English and 1 Spanish operating systems will be available soon (by reservation) with access to the internet, and with the software needed to access the Gwinnett County Public Schools GCPS portal. Guests will also have access to a library of children's books that are free for guests to take. Volunteers are needed per each 2-hour shift. Volunteers will greet guests, offer them face masks and hand sanitizer, show them how to log into a computer, clean up (pick up trash and wipe down desktops,
keyboards, mouse, etc.), and lock the door at the end of the session. To volunteer or for more information, email us at

Nettwork Campus Laundry Facility (Nettwork Campus)
Families referred by various community organizations to have free access to washers and dryers (detergent included) and Wi-Fi for a 3 hour-period of time, by reservation only. Children are welcome but must be supervised by a parent/guardian. A computer lab with access to the internet is available for guests and their children, as well as a library of children's books. Children are welcome to take home books. Volunteers are needed per each 2-hour shift. Volunteers will greet guests, show them how to operate the washer and dryer, offer them coffee or water, direct them to the library and computer lab, clean up (pick up trash and wipe countertops), and lock the door at the end of the session. For volunteer information email

The Nett Church Mission Sundays
Once a month The Nett Church sets aside the weekly worship routine to focus on impacting others through special outreach events. Past events have included partnering with local co-op, collecting funds to support international food relief, and hosting community events all across the county. For more information, click here. Stay informed of what is happening each month Mission Sunday by following The Nett Church Facebook page or by regularly checking the Mission Sunday page.
Youth Nett Service Day
Once a month, we offer our students transformative experiences designed to foster a love for service, as they become change agents in their community. We are always seeking partners who will work alongside our students and help them develop transferable skills while cultivating effective leadership skills. If you want to connect
with a Youth Nett Service Day, email Sandra Mesidor at

The Nett Church Foster Closet (Location: The Bethesda Campus)
Due to the disruptive process of being removed from their home many foster children arrive with just the clothing on their backs. Most foster families have just a short time between getting a phone call and the child being brought to their home.  The Foster Closet supplies foster families with clothing and basic supplies for infants,
children, and teens placed in their care. Volunteers are needed to organize the closet and to host at the Clothing Closet at our Bethesda Campus located at 444 Bethesda Church Rd. in Lawrenceville. To volunteer, fill out the form at the bottom of the Foster Closet page.

Campus Las Americas
Through Campus Las Americas The Nett Church connects and blesses the Hispanic community in our neighborhood and Latin America / The Nett se conecta y bendice a la comunidad hispana en nuestro vecindario y Latinoamérica.

Volunteers are needed to:
  • Mentor children as they do their schoolwork on Digital Learning Days.
  • Do crafts with children on scheduled Saturday events.
  • Volunteer during special events – passing out water, overseeing games, welcoming people, etc.

Spanish classes are offered for volunteers on Sundays and Fridays. For more information, email us at

Community Resource Center / Toy Shop
 The Nett Church offers new toys and birthday boxes to families in the community to celebrate children’s birthdays. The Nett Church also offers a Toy Shop one-day event where parents choose Christmas gifts for their children. Volunteers are needed to donate new toys, organize toys, serve as shopper assistants on the day of the Toy Shop, welcome shoppers, wrap gifts, and do handcrafts with children. To volunteer, send us an email at

Boy with a Ball
Their mission is to better cities by reaching and equipping young people to turn and transform their communities. Their vision is to help as many young people as possible come to know Jesus and follow Him into their God-given potential. If you have a unique skillset or gifting that you could use to serve young people, if you are interested in working hands-on in a specific project, such as ESL, mentoring, read and write to lead, or if you want to serve as a walkthrough volunteer, tutor, or in any other way, email us at Click here to visit their website.

Spectrum Autism Support, Education and Resources (Bethesda Campus)
The mission of Spectrum Autism Support Group is to provide support, education and resources for individuals and families impacted by autism. Its vision is to improve the lives of individuals and families impacted by autism. To volunteer, go to Spectrum volunteer page, which lists some of their current volunteer opportunities. Please indicate what areas/events you may be interested in volunteering.

Family Promise 
Families who meet eligibility requirements stay at Promise Haven in the evenings and use our Day Center during the day as needed. There, they have access to laundry facilities, a mailing address, counseling services, and case management. Family Promise relies on faithful volunteers to provide evening meals at Promise Haven, serve as overnight hosts on weekends, assist our office staff at the Day Center, put on special events, serve on our Board of Trustees, and help on our marketing and fundraising committees. To volunteer, click here to sign up on their website.

ESOL Classes
  • Pathways Institute
    • The mission of Pathways Institute is to empower New Americans to hone their unique skills and cultural attributes through support, information, and community. Its vision to provide legal permanent residents (LPR), refugees, and those granted asylum in the United States free civics-based literacy, English language acquisition, technical assistance, and job skills training, The institute relies on volunteers who can mentor students.
  • Center for Pan Asian Community Services
    • The mission of the Department of English Literacy is to provide diverse education and learning opportunities through services, resources, and collaborations with organizations such as the Refugee Family Literacy program that support adults and the community in achieving their academic goals. CPACS offers ESOL classes at The Bethesda Campus on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. For more information, call 770-232-5200, or 770-878-8854, 770-878-8812, 770-878-8813 (Español).

Lilburn Coop Food Delivery
Fresh Market (Alpharetta and Suwanee stores) provide their "day-old" bakery and other food items to the Lilburn Coop. The food is picked up 6 days per week. Volunteers pick the food up at the stores at noon and deliver it to the coop. The volunteers load the food into their own vehicles at the stores. Lilburn Coop volunteers unload the items. Food temperatures must be maintained as possible. Bins and ice packs etc. are provided. If you are interested in volunteering, email us at

Bethesda Elementary School
The Nett Church partners to support the teachers and students in various ways. Volunteers are welcome to read to children and participate in special programs. volunteer, email us at

Toastmasters International (Bethesda Campus)
Toastmaster empowers individuals to become more effective communicators & leaders. The Northeast Club provides a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence & personal growth. It now holds hybrid (in person / remote) meetings.

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